When God opens our eyes

I have been struggling with one person at work because for months now (more than a year actually), he has been doing the same mistake over and over again. And yet, he doesn’t seem to learn anything or keep in mind my reminders.
Last night during the prayer concert at church, we had our eyes opened. I have seen the effect in me today. Once again, my co-worker made yet another mistake with another “I forgot” excuses and points fingers again.

But this time, I kept my mouth shut. I realize while I’m doing training for audio of livestream at church, I make mistakes too. Sometimes, the same mistakes twice (or even more than twice). But my trainer never reprimanded me, never told me I was wrong. But instead he tells me I’m doing good. Initially, I didn’t understand why he won’t tell me I’m wrong. I wanted him to. I want to know my mistakes. I want him to point my mistakes. It feels awkward and uncomfortable to hear him say good things to me when I know I don’t deserve it. He would insist Im doing fine and he’d show me how he “prefer” it to be but that I can do it however I want it to be. But I know his preferred way is better. In a way, he lets me correct my mistakes in a way that Jesus would if He was still here. Ultimately, as I hear it from pastors and people from church, its not about what Im doing or what I’ve done but about what God is doing and what God has done.

I didn’t know how to react to the sudden realization. But I know that when God starts working in my life, it can be blissful and sometimes it can also be uncomfortable. This is not the first and I know won’t be the last discomfort I’ll feel. But I believe God wants me to be better. God is preparing me for plans He has for me but first I have to be who I am based on who He is.

I went back to my co-worker and talked to him the way my trainer would because I want him to understand he is doing good but that he can still be better.

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