The Happy Planner

Out of curiosity, I purchased The Happy Planner even though I already have an existing planner for 2016. I do not regret getting one of these. They are really easy and fun to plan with.  I had this since June and started working on it since July. However, I was not really sure I like how my July turned out. But Here’s an overview of the first week of August spread.

I used gray/silver/black with pink combination. I can’t wait to start on my birthday week spread (next week *wink*)

Mountain Creek Skiing

Its a late post of our quick vacation in Mountain Creek, NJ. It was my first time to go skiing and I had so much fun that I wanted to do it again. I don’t want to get addicted though because it is a very expensive hobby.

12744351_10154000446573092_1889685304129823708_n 12733392_10154000488933092_6070340229998113228_n

We drove to NJ from NY on the night of Feb. 12 and we stayed there until Feb 15. We spent the whole day of Feb 13 learning how to ski, falling down, hitting trees and falling down once again. We got the 3-day ticket but we were only able to use 2 days because we got drunk on Sunday night and too tired to go back for third day. But by the second day, we were able to stay on our feet or skis and moved to the “bunny slope”. It was really fun but it was so cold that even the hand warmer under our gloves didn’t last. I had to buy extra on the second day to stay warm for the whole day. There were also quite a lot of people trying to make the most of the end of the winter season.

Nevertheless, it was definitely one more checked item off my bucket list.

M&M World and new flavors


We went to Times Square this afternoon just because I got bored at home. I think it has been at least half a year since I went there and it was refreshing to see new stores. Of course we couldn’t skip the chocolate stores including the M&M World. It is still crowded as usual in a Saturday. The weather was great too so there were a lot of people roaming around the city.


They released new flavors so decided to just get those. There’s the Honey-Nut on Top-Left on picture below, the Coffee-Nut on mid-right and the bottom ones are Chili-Nut.


I love the Chili-Nut. I love all of them but I prefer the Chili-Nut. It’s not really spicy until you try to swallow it. I almost complaint to my friend that it isn’t spicy at all but the moment I swallowed, I laughed at myself and good thing I didn’t even say anything yet.

There were other flavors like strawberry shortcake and some easter egg special flavors but they look just plain sweet so I didn’t get any.

Texas Escapade Day 3-5

Our third day in Texas was relaxing. We went to Rockport Beach and walked along the seashore. It was quiet and beautiful. There were even a lot of seagulls roaming around. It was windy but not cold.


We went back to the hotel after a couple of hours, planned to take a nap and swim in the pool. Unfortunately, my migraine just decided to visit, so I am stuck in the room until the evening when we decided to just visit the hotel’s gym for a quick workout.

On our fourth day in Texas, we woke up really early for another long ride to Lubbock, Texas where my friend’s C’s cousin lives. We stopped at the Chicken Express for lunch, grabbed some candies at Love’s Travel Stop then we were on the road again.

Everyone was tired when we got to Lubbock that we just had a little dinner, took a shower then went to bed.

It is Saturday and everyone wants to go around the town. We went to McPherson Cellars for wine tasting and cellar tour. I even got a couple of bottles to bring back to NY.

………………………20160319_131629 20160319_131818

We went to Texas Tech University to look around their campus.


………………………20160319_134453 20160319_132744


We also went to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to watch Zootopia. It was a whole new experience since we got to order food from their staff while watching the movie and we were seated with a table in front of us for our food.

We went back home to prepare dinner afterwards. On Monday, we will be flying back to New York. It was definitely a great experience and I wish to come back again soon.

Texas Escapade Day 2

We woke up really early on the second day to have breakfast in the hotel’s lobby before going to our next destination – The Alamo, the historical site for the battle that earned Texas its separate statehood within Mexican Federation and has led into total independence from Mexico.

20160316_094047 20160316_094031 20160316_093950 20160316_093942


We walked around the historical site as well as the neighboring commercial places and even got some souvenirs. After taking a quick restroom stop, we went to the Tower of the Americas, the second tallest observation tower in the US. It indeed provided a spectacular view of the Alamo City.

20160316_111445 20160316_111526 20160316_113027


It was mid-morning when we went back to the car for a long drive to Port Aransas where we will be staying for 2 days. On our way, we made a quick detour to USS Lexington Museum on the Bay in Corpus Christi for a little bit of picture taking before going to one of the famous seafood restaurants, Moby Dick’s Restaurant & Saloon.


We checked in at Hawthorne Inn & Suites in Aransas County at around 5 in the afternoon and settled down for the night. Tomorrow is going to be another adventure.

Texas Escapade Day 1

February has been a transition period for me and my roommate and housemates. It took a month to finally settle in and be comfortable in our new apartment (with a little escapade in the middle of the month – but that’s going to be another post). I am just so excited to fly out of New York and visit a new state I’ve never been to.

We came home late last night from our friends/neighbors and decided not to sleep since we need to be up really early so not to miss our flight. Instead I spent my time working on my nails and hair. By 4:30am, we were on our way out to the airport to catch our 6:15am flight.




My friend C and I touched down on Dallas Love Field airport at around 9:45 this morning, was picked up by friends and brought around Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. We had our first meal, suprisingly, in Express Panda – Georgetown – and their famous Orange Chicken.


After lunch, we went to the State Capitol in Austin, TX going from one room to the other. It was overwhelming and I felt honored to be able to experience auch exquisite building and its interior.


We also went to Tangers Outlet but it looks just like the Riverhead, NY’s Tanger.

Our last stop was buffet for dinner before checking in at LaQuinta inn. It was a great day with new places explored. Tomorrow is going to be another adventure.

Nirvana in Fire

It has been years since I last watched a Chinese historical drama. If I remember correctly, the last one that I completed was the Bu Bu Jing Xin (the first one). I don’t really have a lot of patience for long dramas especially when the story gets dragged halfway through it which usually happens in palace politics stories. That was one of the reasons why it took me a long time before checking out Hu Ge’s Nirvana in Fire.

Picture credit to dramawiki

I was a big fan of Hu Ge (I am still a fan) and I’ve seen most of his works but the last few ones weren’t really as good and I kind of shifted to K-dramas.

But Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜/Lang Ya Bang) got me hooked again. The story was absolutely incredible that kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Sure, there was a moment of dullness but it wasn’t too long that made me yawn from boredom. The story just started to pick up again exactly where it needs to before it becomes another dragging story.

The casts were undeniably amazing, each one was able to convey his/her character well. I’m not sure if I cried as much as I laughed from their silly antics but the right amount of laughter and sadness made the story truly beautiful and heart-warming.

Nirvana in Fire is a story about loyalty, friendship, betrayal with a little bit of romance.

During the 4th century, war broke out between the feudal Northern Wei dynasty and Southern Liang dynasties, leading Liang’s General Lin Xie to take his only child, the 19 year old Lin Shu, to battle. Unexpectedly, Lin Xie was framed by a political rival, causing the unjust deaths of seventy thousand Chiyan army soldiers, just after they drove off the hostile Wei forces.
After barely escaping with his life, Lin Shu establishes the Jiangzuo Alliance with the help of Langya Hall and makes a name for himself as Mei Changsu, chief of the pugilistic world. Under the alias of Su Zhe, he returns to the capital of Liang 12 years on to overturn the injustices imposed on the Chiyan Army and secretly assist his friend the unfavoured Prince Xiao Jingyan in his battle for the throne.

You can watch Nirvana in Fire with English Subtitles in Have you seen it yet?

Japan Crate Subscription – Doki Doki

I love cute stuff especially those from Japan so when I read that Japan Crate started a kawaii subscription called Doki Doki, I couldn’t stop myself but subscribe too. I’ve subscribed to their japanese snacks but I haven’t received that so I will be making a separate post about it. Each Doki Doki box is worth $30 with free shipping within US.


When I went to the post office to pick up my parcel, I got excited after seeing that pink box. It’s already cute from the outside.


The first thing I saw when I opened it was the booklet that has the list of items included in the box and their descriptions.


Here’s the list of what I received (Top -> Bottom, Left -> Right)

Pikachu Hip Pop Parade Plush
Hoppe Chan
Sushi Socks
Baby Alpacasso
Hello Kitty Wallet
Domo Stickers (4 designs, 2 each design)
Sailor Moon Blind Box Figure (and I got Sailor Moon!)
Rilakkuma Stationary
Sentimental Circus Fan

They are so cute but my favorite is the Rilakkuma Stationary. I love Rilakkuma and I I can use the memo pad for my daily planning.

Did you subscribe already?

Atlantic City, NJ trip

I should be blogging about our January 2 trip to AC yesterday but I got overwhelmed with work especially since its after a long vacation.

It was a fun night shopping in Tanger Outlet, playing at the casino and a little bit of drinking in our hotel room.

It took us over 2 hours to get there by car from NYC but it was well worth it. We got a free stay at Ceasar’s Palace from TotalRewards and I’d say it was clean and appealing. I like their room better than the one in Bally’s but it could just be the wall color or the layout of the room. Ceasar’s was brighter and wider.

That week we stayed at Bally’s, we already had a short walk along boardwalk and the sound of the waves and a little mist from the sea was refreshing(we walked at night time). We took some really nice pictures (mostly using my friend’s camera) so we skipped it.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Of course we couldn’t just go home without trying Harrah’s Resort Waterfront Buffet.

Raw Bar - Harrah's

I love seafood especially crab legs so of course I filled my plate with those and some corns, shrimps and vegetables and ice cream!

Waterfront Buffet Ice Cream

Overall it was a relaxing weekend for us and we are planning to go back there soon.

AC Trip


Goal Setting with Friends

Goal Setting


The first day of the year. I am really grateful to have friends who bring out the best in me. On January 1st, my friends and I sat down and wrote our goals for the new year 2016. It is not much but I am hoping I will be able to fulfill all of them.

One of my goals is to blog everyday and vlog at least 3 times a week. I am still trying to get into the habit of blogging but I am hoping in a couple of months, I am so used to blogging that I can do it in a daily basis. I think I have so many things I want to talk about considering my new found interests in personal and financial growth.